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I've been designing and crafting with fabric and food since I was 11 years old. About six years ago, I made my first necklace, and I've been addicted to the art ever since! I love the way the gemstones and crystals almost dictate their designs. Sometimes, I'll just put a handful of gemstones, crystals and various silver components on my board and watch what they do! Many times I'll walk away from the board in mid-design to let it “simmer” for a while. A friend of mine calls it “listening” to the beads. I'm not sure that's quite what it is, but it certainly makes for some fun and sometimes exquisite designs.
Brenda Tooker
HeartStrings by Cae Creator
As a school teacher, I always gravitate to the art teacher. I love to play with all the fun stuff in the art room: clay, paper, glue, pencils. At home, I keep a supply of art materials on hand, both for my girls and for me. I just love spending a day creating with them. My mom introduced me jewelry making! I fell in love with the uniqueness of handmade beads and the sparkle of crystal! Recently, I discovered “green” jewelry. I think it's important to take care of this beautiful Earth that God has given us, so I'm really excited about my GreenDesigns by Cae line. If I can make beautiful jewelry and fun stuff out of things that would otherwise be in a landfill, I'm all for that!
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